Sequential Art

Set Adrift

Waking up in their darkened cockpit, a mecha pilot finds themself stranded in space with only their broken mech to save them.

This is an original 9 page comic written and drawn by Elizabeth in 2019. The comic was created completely using Clip Studio Paint and formatted for risograph printing. Find the full pdf here.

A short comic written by Gabe Gonzales and drawn by Elizabeth Malette for the Black Hole Comics and Entertainment anthology A Cold Dark Universe.

The Life Giver

A short comic written by Joseph S. Farrar for his collection of short horror comics.

Diary Comics

Short comics created by Elizabeth about their personal experiences with a variety of topics including mental health and physical illness.

"Do It Yourself" Zines

A series of instructional comic zines teaching various "Do It Yourself" projects. Find them all on Liz's Gumroad as PDFs.

A short comic written by Dalton Deschain and drawn by Elizabeth Malette for the MONOCUL series of short horror comics.

Hear Window